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Supporting local, small businesses in Georgia is important for today's economy, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. In this image, a small business owner poses in a clothing store.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, small businesses contributed to nearly 1.6 million jobs across Georgia in 2018. That makes up more than 43 percent of all Georgia workers. That year alone, small businesses created more than 73,000 new jobs. Supporting small businesses is integral to a stable economy, and doing so may be especially important now as the nation works to recover from the devastating financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. When purchases are made at locally owned businesses, significantly...

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Following are several tax deductions you may wish to consider.

As you gear up to file your 2019 taxes this year, make sure you understand the full range of tax deductions available. Here are a few you might not be aware of. 1. Health Insurance Premiums Deductible medical expenses must exceed 10 percent of your adjusted gross income to be claimed as an itemized deduction. However, if you’re self-employed and pay your own health coverage, you may be able to deduct 100 percent of your premium. 2. Teacher Tax Savings Qualified K-12 educators can deduct...

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Make the most of charitable donations this holiday season. Your generous gifts may mean money back in your pocket come tax time.

The holiday season is the season of giving — giving to your loved ones, giving to your coworkers, and giving to charitable organizations. As you’re doing so, remember that your generous donations can mean money back in your pocket when tax season comes around. In order to make the most of charitable giving, these are a few things you may want to keep in mind. 1. Keep your receipts. You may need to prove the donation, and you may also refer to them as you’re...

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Teaching financial literacy to children is one way to motivate them to save money. The child in this picture looks happy to be dropping money into her piggy bank.

As parents, it is our responsibility to prepare children for adulthood. One aspect of this is teaching financial literacy to them. When your kids know how to manage money well, they may be less dependent on you financially when they become adults. In addition, they may be in a better position to look after you in your later years when you're no longer able to work. Here are some ways to teach financial literacy to children. Teach the Difference Between Wants and Needs Too often,...

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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is supplemental auto insurance that covers major failures that may be excluded from general auto insurance coverage.

You’re on your way to an Atlanta Falcons game and your car engine busts — causing your car to completely break down. What do you do? If you have Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), you're covered, meaning that instead of going to the mechanic and paying an arm and a leg for a repair, you can save that extra cash for your next hot dog at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance? Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is an optional, supplemental car insurance policy that covers major...

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If you or your children are going back to school on a budget, there are many ways to save money on school supplies. This is closeup of notebooks and pens.

Since there are no major holidays in August, it seems that once the Fourth of July has passed, all the stores start marching out their "Back to School" signs and sales. The seasonal aisles are full of notebooks and folders and pens and it’s enough to make both parents and kids groan. Summer has barely started, but here comes the pressure to get ready for fall. Nothing can change the fact that summers go by too fast. But there are ways to lessen the pressure...

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Tell Georgia Heritage Federal Credit Union about your travel plans. Otherwise, our credit card fraud prevention systems may notice unusual activity on your accounts.

You do a lot to prepare for a trip: book the flight, find the perfect hotel, take time off work months ahead of time, buy new bathing suits, get a pedicure, and on and on. However, there’s one important thing to do before a trip that most people overlook: telling your credit union or your credit card company about your travel plans. Credit card companies and credit unions like ours have standards in place to identify suspicious credit or debit card use. If transactions occur...

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credit score numbers

People you do business with may know your credit score. Do you? Creditors and insurance agencies often check your credit score numbers upon beginning a relationship with you. They also periodically check the scores to see if other products might suit your needs or just to ensure you’re still in good standing credit wise. Knowing where you stand is important for you too. There are three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Information is submitted to each individual bureau separately, so your credit report and credit score...

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