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Using Our Simple Loan, Mortgage, and Auto Loan Calculators to Plan Your Finances

Are you wondering if you should lease or buy a car? Do you have enough room in your budget for that beautiful Georgia home you’ve been admiring? How much will you have to set aside to make your savings account work for you? With our auto loan calculator, mortgage calculator, simple loan calculator, and savings calculator, you can plan your expenses in order to stay on track toward your goals.

Buy vs. Lease Auto Loan Calculator

By answering a few simple questions in the auto loan calculator on our website, you can assess whether leasing a car or buying a car would be better for you. You can also use it to compare rates for boat loans, motorcycle loans, and any other item that you may be pondering whether to purchase or lease/rent.

Simply answer the following questions using our online form:

  • Number of years
  • Lease monthly payment
  • Lease down payment
  • Purchase price
  • State sales tax (percentage)
  • APR on loan (percentage)

The calculator will tell you approximately how much you can expect to pay per year for the lease and the total cost of lease payments. It will then tell you how much you can expect to pay every year if you buy the vehicle, along with the purchase total. Finally, the auto loan calculator will give you an approximate comparison of a buy vs. lease total.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

The mortgage loan calculator on our Credit Union’s website asks you to complete the following details:

  • Home price
  • Down payment
  • Whether it’s a 15-year or 30-year fixed rate loan
  • Interest rate (percentage)
  • Property taxes (per year)
  • Insurance (per year)

The calculator will then give you the following approximates:

  • Total cost of the mortgage loan not including property taxes and insurance
  • Monthly cost not including property taxes and insurance
  • Total cost of interest
  • Monthly cost of interest
  • Total cost of property taxes
  • Monthly cost of property taxes
  • Total cost of insurance
  • Monthly cost of insurance
  • Total cost including property taxes and insurance
  • Monthly cost including property taxes and insurance

Simple Loan Calculator

Our simple loan calculator gives you an approximate amount of how much you can expect to pay per month based on the following:

  • Loan amount
  • Down payment
  • Number of years of the loan
  • Interest rate (percentage)

Savings Goal Calculator

Our fun little savings goal calculator can help you determine approximately how much you need to set aside for a specific goal. Simply fill in the following fields:

  • Planned monthly savings
  • Years to save
  • Interest rate received (percentage)

It will tell you the amount you would save including interest earned, as well as the amount of interest earned.

For more information about the results of our simple loan, savings goal, mortgage, or auto loan calculators or to begin the process of obtaining a loan, contact Georgia Heritage Federal Credit Union by sending us a message online, calling us at (912) 236-4400, or visiting www.gaheritagefcu.org.

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